Meet Our Team


Zach Young

Team Leader

Deniz Nasufov

Building Team Leader/ Steering Design

Alex Rogowski

Drivetrain Leader

Zach Lowe

Project Manager

Ben Warr

Suspension System Manager

Charlie Reece

Business Manager

James Skiba

Engine Manager

Carl Allitt

Brakes System Manager

Oliver Larsen-Wright

Team Leader


Martin Dunn

Specialist Advisor

Pete Jones

Digital Collaboration Advisor

Andy Cash

Faculty Advisor

Vehicle Integration

Tanesh Bala

Driver Controls Technician

Chassis and Suspension

Jon Grannon

Chassis design and build/welding

Harry Mattocks

Suspension Support

Joseph Grimer

Chassis Fabrication

Rowan Black

Chassis Fabrication

Ryan Haynes

Suspension Support


Rob Flowers

Exhaust System Engineer and Engine Support


Ozgur Caymaz

Sensor System Assembling

prasanna sherewar

Sensor System Assembly

Valentin Bentz

Datalogging and Programming Support

Build Team

Jake Taylor

Build Team 1