Partnership with CMG

published: January 22 at 2:32 pm

by Harry Mattocks

Staffordshire Uni Racing is exited to announce its second sponsor for the 2020 season, Custom Machine & Grinding Ltd. The team can’t wait to start building a fantastic relationship with such a fantastic company.
Custom Machine and Grinding Ltd (CMG) has created a wealth of experience in all aspects of centreless grinding. They have continually expanded and developed their knowledge to allow the creation of a wide range of complex shapes in metallic, non-metallic and alloy materials to very high tolerances. Their techniques allow specialised materials to be ground, which would not be possible or economical by any other means. They’re are certified to ISO 9001:2008 and are a member of the CE Marking Association. Their services are production, manufacturing, consultancy, grinding machines, filtration, spares and tooling and subcontracting.