Visit at Prodrive, Oxfordshire

published: December 11 at 4:27 pm

by Harry Mattocks

On the 26th of November, members of SUR paid a visit to Prodrive in Banbury, Oxfordshire. The participants were greeted by Craig Scarborough, technical reporter following the motorsport industry, who provided them an excellent tour around the facility, taking in several different areas, including dyno rooms, build floor and warehouses.
There were many Heritage cars on display, including a Metro 6R4 and a Subaru Impreza WRC along with newer cars that ProDrive have helped to develop such as the Aston Martin GTE, GT3 and GT4.

The team got to meet the team who was working thoroughly to tune Aston Martins to the highest spec available, and were shown a Ford Falcon, a BAR 2004 F1 car, and a Mini Clubman that ProDrive had acquired.

The highlights of the visit were the test on an Aston Martin GT3 front bumper, surprising the vast majority of the participants with how light it was, being compared to the weight of an iPhone, and, witnessing a Mercedes V8 Biturbo which had recently finished the build stage and being prepared for use.

To finish off the tour the team were granted access to the advanced technologies zone where they saw multiple test rooms containing classified projects and to top it off a hefty trophy case or two.