Partnership with Alton Towers

published: February 12 at 3:21 pm

by Harry Mattocks

Staffordshire Uni Racing is excited to announce Alton Towers Resort as an official sponsor for 2020. We are thrilled to link up with the Resort which is famous for pushing the boundaries of technology and engineering with world beating rollercoasters and attractions and are truly excited about what we can achieve together. 2020 is such a big year for both Alton Towers Resort and Staffs Uni Racing. The 2020 season promises to be one full of excitement, as the UK’s favourite theme park celebrates 40 years of jaw-dropping excellence and Staffs Uni Racing enters the Formula Student competition for 4th year, looking to finish in own best position yet - with Alton Towers Resort support this is even more achievable. Zach Young (Team Leader, SUR) – “It is amazing to have Alton Towers Resort onboard for 2020, they are such an amazing company and real trailblazers in their field. With them being so local to the team, we hope to show the competition what Staffordshire as a County can achieve.” Oliver Larsen-Wright (Team Leader, SUR) – “This collaboration with such an established business is a credit to the effort the team has put in over the last 4 months. The partnership has opened our eyes to the engineering challenges of building and maintaining the greatest roller-coasters in the world. I’m extremely pleased to have Alton Towers Resort onboard and am looking forward to our joint successes.”

Welcome to the team Alton Towers Resort!